Jacks First Trip to Addis

I am very grateful for all the visits of my blog and I wanted to express my gratitude to all who keep on browsing through! 

I am very happy to see, that months after my departure from Addis, you keep on visiting the blog, reading my stories and, hopefully, you find interesting information and have great time!

Because, this is all I wished when I decided to set up this blog!

Recently, I have received a request for tips about day-care centers in Addis.

So. I decided to  to share with you my tips about day care centers in Addis, based on my experience.

I mentioned at the very beginning of my blog that while in Addis I was there with my husband and with our small daughter, and that we searched for a day-care center.

We wanted our daughter to be in a place where she would be playing and interacting with other kids. Without too much formalised structures.

Ideally, it would be a place where one would speak one of the languages she was familiar with - German or French (I did not make myself any illusions to find a Slovak speaking daycare in Ethiopia :-) 

At the end of the day, we decided to enroll our daughter into the American daycare called Head to Toe. And we were very happy about the choice, as much as our daughter was.  

Below are contact details of the Head to Toe and of another day care center that we checked out:

Head to Toe Learning Center

The center was set up some two years ago by Jane Pyecha who previously taught for four years at ICS. Children 2-4 years old can be enrolled for 2, 3, or 5 mornings a week, afternoon activities are also available. 

Tel.: 0911-547-782



French speaking pre-school. Ages 1 1⁄2 to 6 years. 

Tel.: 011-651-1283

Location: Cross streets Dijbouti street and Haile Gabre Sailasse Road  

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